For men and women. Initial consultation required.

Skin Time provides the most effective Tattoo Removal treatments in Perth that is also affordable and safe.

Our treatment does not scar the skin which is a danger present in alternate Tattoo removal laser treatments that are widely offered. Laser treatments can cause horrendous scarring that can damage the skin, causing keloid scarring or uneven, shiny skin in susceptible patients, and in some cases can damage the pigment, changing lighter colours to black.

We at Skin Time use the new A+ Ocean tattoo removal saline that safely removes cosmetic and traditional tattoos in much less time. The saline’s ingredients are completely natural, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. This technique is also suitable for fading pigment in order to enable re-inking and works on all ink colours.

Give us a call to discuss your individual tattoo removal requirements and treatment options.

(Several treatments are needed to remove tattoos and there is a limit on the area that can be treated in each sitting.)

The  skin needling pen penetrates the skin vertically for faster and better results. This creates an even healing process that stimulates collagen growth while firming skin and gently penetrating and creating micro-channels. These stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin allowing maximum absorption of topically applied skincare. This ultimately improves skin strength, structure and resilience which helps promote improved appearance.

Ideal for the treatment of:
• Aged, sagging skin
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Smokers lines around the lips
• Skin tightening and rejuvenation
• Enlarged/ Dilated pores
• Stretch marks
• Scars (acne, surgical and other imperfections)
• Alopecia (hair loss)
• Sun damaged skin
• Hyper/hypo pigmentation
• Telangiectasia (red vessels)
• Rosacea
• Milia

Skin Needling Should be Avoided if suffering from:
• Scleroderma
• Vascular abnormalities
• Significant illness
• Surgery in the preceding 6 months
• Warts, infection, coldsores or skin cancer in the area to be needled
• Haemophilia or other bleeding disorderSkin Needling/Collagen Induction Therapy Aftercare

Within 24 hours avoid:
• Exercise
• Sun exposure
• Hot baths/showers
• Swimming/Sauna

Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. SkinTime achieves fantastic results from our products with results of 5 to 14 shades whiter able to be achieved on untreated teeth. Results will be reduced if the client uses any home whitening products or has had an in-chair treatment in the past 2 years.

While most clients are thrilled with the results it is important not to have unrealistic expectations. Teeth whitening will remove stains from the surface of the teeth and return them to the colour they were originally.

Your genes affect the thickness and smoothness of the enamel. Thinner enamel allows more of the colour of the dentine to show through. Having smoother or rougher enamel also affects the reflection of light and therefore the colour. Every day, a thin coating (pellicle) forms on the enamel and picks up stains.

Common reasons for teeth to get yellow or stained

• Using tobacco

• Drinking dark-coloured liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine

• Not taking good care of your teeth

Ageing makes teeth less bright as the enamel gets thinner and the dentine becomes darker.

It is also possible to have stains inside the tooth. These are called intrinsic stains. Tooth whitening is most effective on surface stains.

Attack the build up of dead skin that dulls your complexion with quick and easy dermaplaning.

The epidermis’ very top surface is skillfully polished off with a fine blade revealing fresh and vibrant skin underneath.

Dermaplaning is painless and improves the results obtained from other procedures.

Skin Time facial treatments have been especially designed for the Perth climate. The treatments can boost your hydration levels leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed, which is essential for a youthful and fresh appearance.

We assess the most effective facial treatment for your skin through our rejuvenation hydrating facials. We also provide one-off rejuvenation sessions to help you look your best for that special upcoming occasion. Additionally we offer varying strength chemical peels appropriate for your needs as well as ultrasonic facials.

Our Product range include the DrK medical grade range of products made locally in WA.

You can also purchase Facial and Peel vouchers for that perfect gift.

LED is a painless skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne by killing the bacteria responsible for breakouts.

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. Red light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look. Professional LED machines can also minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and reduce redness after more aggressive IPL or laser treatments. It is a gentler, more natural, less expensive alternative. Blue light LED works by killing propionibacterium acnes (or p-bad) below the surface of the skin, responsible for acne.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is an excellent choice for most skin care patients.

*Non invasive procedure. Involves application of light at various surfaces of the skin where needed.

*No downtime, can immediately resume work after each session.

*No scarring.

*Painless – unlike other surface treatments involving dermabrasion and laser light Procedure is comfortable and relaxing.

*Improves dark spots,

*Stimulates production of collagen and elastin which fill lines and wrinkles

*Leaves face with a smooth appearance.

*Improves the lymphatic system and circulation.

*Stimulates ATP and blood vessels .

*Provides healthy rosy glow in face.

*Safe, painless procedure with no side effects.




Age spots

hyperpigmentation on face &hands


Acne & scars




Achieves plumper, firmer skin and more youthful look.

What is it? How does it work?

Modeling Blooméa by French manufacturer Blooméa is the new alternative to microdermabrasion using innovative macro-exfoliation technology.

Developed 10 years ago by French aesthetic surgeons and recently adapted to the beauty industry with the support of beauty therapists, Modeling Blooméa’s three-step skin treatment provides outstanding results in the treatment of stretch marks, acne marks, scars, as well as wrinkles and pigmentation. The device can be used on the whole body including face, hands, buttocks, breast, belly and hips.


What features distinguish this product from competitors?

Modeling Blooméa uses a unique three-action system combining macro-exfoliation, microvibration and light therapy that is much less invasive than traditional microdermabrasion.

The device not only stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (microvibration), but it also erases imperfections layer by layer to smooth and unify the skin (macro-exfoliation).

Most importantly, every step is performed with a single-use sealed tip to meet strict hygiene requirements and avoid skin infections and rashes. Each tip covers a larger treatment area than most microdermabrasion devices, which ensures an efficient and quality treatment especially on stretch marks.

A soft light is also emitted from the hand piece during the whole treatment to reinforce the regenerative effect of the treatment (light therapy).